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Di-Lane Plantation Survey

The Alexandria Veterans Curation Program laboratory is currently processing multiple archaeological collections from Savannah District.  Technicians are currently working to process 41 investigations, which were conducted on the Strom Thurmond Lake and Richard B. Russell Reservoir properties during the 1980s and 1990s.  Most of these collections are made up of only archival materials.  Thirteen have associated artifact collections.  Within the past two sessions, the Alexandria VCP has organized, cleaned, logged, and digitized 2,193 archival materials and processed over 41,000 artifacts from the Savannah District.  Two investigations that yielded a large amount of materials and artifacts were Di-Lane Plantation Survey and Archaeological Survey of 3040 Acres at Strom Thurmond Lake, both from the Strom Thurmond Lake property.

Archaeological Survey of 3040 Acres at Strom Thurmond Lake

Savannah District Projects

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