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Feb. 10, 2015

"Working With Artifacts Offers Vets A Bridge From Battlefield To Civilian Jobs"

Feb 10, 2015

"Corps of Engineers Shares Historic Flood of '27 Photos Online"

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March 14, 2015

"New leash on life: Service dogs, trained by and for wounded warriors"

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Feb. 27, 2015

"Veterans Curation Program celebrates five years"

News from the Savannah River Site

March 16, 2015

"Veterans Seeking Post-Military Careers Tour SRS Curation Facility"

Our Missisissippi article

Spring, 2015

"Picture of Success"

Augusta Chronicle article-01 News-Times article US Army website

July 17, 2015

"Veterans Curation Program Open House"


July 27, 2015

"Curation program helps veterans in Augusta to find a new start."

July 22, 2015

"Veterans transition while helping curate nation's archaeological artifacts"

Augusta Chronicle article-01

July 17, 2015

"Curation program helps veterans in Augusta to find a new start"

"Curation Lab Helps Veterans"

January 28, 2014

Bell Ringer Capture

Veterans Curation Open House

January 22, 2014

"Veterans find future in preserving the past"

March 27, 2014

13 Museam Chronicle

"Veterans Curation Project"

May, 2014

Univer. of Mary Wash article image

"Great Minds at Work"

October 16, 2014


"PTSD: Soldiers Find Balance"

November 28, 2014

"Post 9/11 Veterans Still Having Hard Time Finding Work"   Feb 14, 2014

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"Veterans Curation Project"

April 28, 2014


"The Veterans Curation Program"

July 11, 2014

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"Warriors of Today and Yesterday: Veterans Uncover Our Shared Past"   June 29, 2014

Columbia County News

"Veterans get experience by rehabilitating

archeological artifacts" August 10, 2014

us military article aug 7

"Corps of Engineers assisting vets through archaeology work"   August 7, 2014

us military article aug 7

"Veterans Curation Program Marks 5 Years of Preserving History" December 5, 2014

us military article aug 7

"Huntington District artifacts transferred to the Veterans Curation Program" Sept. 29, 2014

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"Applying the Methods of Evidence Photography to Archaeological Collections"


"Huntington District Artifacts Transferred to the Veterans Curation Program" Sept. 29, 2014

Fed news radio

"In Depth with Francis Rose Federal News Radio" – Washington, DC – 12/1/14


"How Army archaeology supports historic preservation and modern education" 4/9/14

Guardians of the Cultural Environment Strong Point

"USACE Veterans Curation Programs Supports Wounded Warriors" July 22, 2015

"Guardians Of The Cultural Environment"

April 15, 2015

Thlopthlocco Tribal Town and The Veterans Curation Program 2

"Thlopthlocco Tribal Town and The Veterans Curation Program"  July 14, 2015

Center for American Archeology

Center for American Archeology "Veterans Archeological Mission" October 20, 2014

"Curation Program Provides Work, Training Opportunities for Veterans" April 4, 2013

13 indiancountrytoday_logo

"The Army Engineers Need You, Veterans:

Veterans Curation Program Hires Vets"

April 7, 2013

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"An Incredible Little Storefront Program Uses History and Archeology to Help Veterans Transition to the Workplace" April 17, 2013

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"Program offers veterans employment assistance, on-thejob training"

August 16, 2013 link image

"Veteran's Research Shows New Value for Old Maps" Oct 23, 2013

"As war ends, exhibit captures veterans struggles" October 22, 2013

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"More Augusta Veterans Find Work, But Their Unemployment Rate is Still Above National Average" March 4, 2012

"VCU 3D Archaeology at VCP (Veterans Curation Project)"  March 2, 2012


"Museum Quality Images Every Time: “It’s So Easy an Archaeologist Can Do It”

Winter 2012

Our Mississippi Market Watch

“Paying It Forward: Veterans Curate History as Bridge to Civilian Future”  Spring 2012

“U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Opens Veterans Curation Program Laboratory Site in Alexandria, VA”  May 1, 2012

army eng mag

“Veterans Curation Program: More Than Just Job Training” May/June 2012

Alex Times

“Veterans Learn Valuable Job Skills Curating Archaeological Finds in North Old Town”

June 2012

Alex Times

"Veterans Newly Minted as Archaeological Technicians" August 4, 2012

SHA Newsletter

"Corps Archaeological Curation and Collections Management:

Addressing Shrinking Resources Through Innovation" Winter 2012

Veterans Outreach

"Veterans Curation Program- Steve Wahle" August 1, 2012

"The Veterans Curation Program" January 2012

SAA Article 01 02

"Veterans Curation Program:

An Innovative Way to Help Veterans" February 2012

"Current State Of Real Property Management

Case Study: Job Creation Through

Recovery Act Funding" 2012

ASLAA logo

"The Veterans Curation Program:

A View of the St. Louis Laboratory" Fall 2012

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"Returned Veterans Find Work, and Valuable Training, Through Archaeology Program" February 2, 2011

"Archaeologist Unearths Way to Help Our Veterans" February 22, 2011


"St. Louis Veterans Dig the Archaeological Gig"  March 9, 2011

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"Veterans Curation Program" Summer/Fall 2011

"Learning About the Veterans Curation Program" December, 2011


"Digging deep to help veterans"

February 27, 2011

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"Meet Andy: USACE Veterans Curation Project Employee"

February 10, 2011

"ARRA: Veterans Curation Project Offers Opportunity, Springs From Gratitude" April 7, 2011

Deptuty under secretary of defense

"Department of Defense

Cultural Resources Update"

Winter Quarterly, 2011

06 09

"Corps Curators Project Gives Returning Vets New Job Skills"  February 21, 2011

"Project to Help Out-of-Work Veterans Needs Help Itself" June 28, 2011

St louis Public Radio

“Jobs for Veterans” Hosted by: Don Marsh

February 15, 2011


"The Veterans Curation Project: Rehabilitation by Archaeology"

October 26, 2011

Hosted by Dr. Joseph Schuldenrein


"Veterans Curation Project Preserves Past, Prepares Veterans for the Future" July, 2010


"The Veteran’s Curation Project: Vets Learn About Ancient Pottery Artifacts While Gaining Job Skills" November 10, 2010

20 22

"U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Opening Second Recovery Act-Funded Veterans Curation Project Laboratory in St. Louis"

January 15, 2010

"Uncovering a New Life Back Home

Forensic Work in Iraq Leads to Job Skills for Veterans in the States"

September / October, 2010

Stars and Stripes

“U.S. Military Veterans Working on Archaeological Project” January 25, 2010

Indiana Univer logo

“Wounded U.S. Vets Work With IU Laboratory to Learn New Skills” April 28, 2010

the augusta chronical the augusta chronical

"Veterans find work cataloging Georgia artifacts" January 31, 2010

"Project prepares veterans for work"

August 6, 2010

GPB News

"Barrow Wants More Money For Veterans Curation Project" May 14, 2010

GPB News

"Disabled War Veterans Find Hope Through Archeology" January 27, 2010


"ARRA: Corps of Engineers Opens Veterans Curation Program Lab"

April 1, 2010

"A Visit to the Veterans Curation Project"

December 21, 2010

Tom King Blog

"Conversation: Soldiers in the Laboratory"

November/ December 2010

Arch mag cover

"Veterans Curation Project: Those Who Make History Help Preserve It" November, 2010

Soldiers 21 23

"U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to Open

First of Three Recovery

Act-Funded Veterans Curation Project Laboratories" October 16, 2009

"Studying Past Gives Veterans a Future". October 29, 2009

14 24

"Curation Project Creates Jobs".

October 20, 2009

"Veterans Dig Archeology Project:

Finding Thier Future"

October 25, 2009


"ARRA: Corps of Engineers Begins Recovery Act-Funded Veterans Curation Project"

October 20, 2009

GPB News

"Army Corps of Engineers to Create Jobs for Disabled Veterans in Augusta"

October 20, 2009