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VCP graduates talk about how the Veterans Curation Program has helped them.

"Heroes preserving history"

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The Veterans Curation Program (VCP) was created to process at-risk archaeological collections belonging to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  Stewardship of archaeological collections, including both artifacts and associated records, is the responsibility of landowning agencies such as the Corps.  Processing these collections to federal standards for long-term storage and access is undertaken by cultural resource management firms familiar with the work.  


The VCP is managed by the ERG-NSA JV.  We will hire a number of veterans to participate in a five month employment and training program processing these important collections.  Every veteran hired will receive paid personal growth and development assistance including time and instruction for resume building and job searches.  All federal holidays will be paid in addition to up to one week of personal time off, which can be used for medical appointments or other purposes.  All VCP laboratories are ADA compliant (with the exception of the collections storage areas). We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Artifact Photography Guide 

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“No group of people has done more to forge our national identity throughout history than the veterans who have served and sacrificed for the nation”

"I am extremely proud of this program because it helps our veterans, while also preserving our Nation's past.  The effort is so inspirational because it repays a debt we owe to these brave men for their service and sacrifices, while also preparing them for

post-service civilian employment and productive lives."

Major General John Peabody

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Commander, Mississippi Valley Division

The Honorable Jo-Ellen Darcy

Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works

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